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[TenTec] Corsair vs. Omni???

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Subject: [TenTec] Corsair vs. Omni???
From: turner@safety.ics.uci.edu (Clark Savage Turner)
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 18:56:18 -0800
You know, all my Corsairs (and I have had several) had some
IF filter blowby, even through the two IF's.  I recall replacing
switching diodes and other things to try to eliminate it, but
it was still there to some small extent.  Very strong signals
can occasionally break through.  The early OMNI (OMNI A,D, versions
B and C) had it a bit, too, maybe more.  My OMNI VI does not
suffer from the problem, I suspect that Ten Tec just did a better
job of physical and electrical isolation between the stages.

I know there are a few guys on the list who have looked into
improving isolation of the stages / filters in these rigs and
the rig receivers benefit from that.  Keep asking around if
you want to do some improvements.


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