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[TenTec] Tom/KD7DMH. Starting with CW.

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Subject: [TenTec] Tom/KD7DMH. Starting with CW.
From: zl1mh@xtra.co.nz (mike hutchins)
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 19:45:14 +1300
Good move Tom, am sure you won't regret it!!
All advice given has been good! - However, unless you fall into the
"cost don't matter" category, and until you're SURE that CW is for you -
go for something cheap in the way of a straight key & learn with that.
Your RECEIVING is the bit to concentrate on first, sending will follow &
then you can go for bug, elbug, or whatever.  Above all, give it a fair
go & stay with it till you're SURE, you're going to have hard patches
with no progress, but there's not many guys who persisted that did not
make it, neither are there too many cw ops around the bands who became
so instantly!

Good luck & if you hear me around, please call, no matter how slow or
fumbling you may feel - anybody with a feel for CW, & the hobby,
including me, will be happy to work you!!

73 - and, above all, ENJOY!!  Mike, ZL1MH

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