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[TenTec] keys - lots to choose from

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Subject: [TenTec] keys - lots to choose from
From: pepperb@gov.on.ca (Brien Pepperdine)
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 10:40:37 -0500 (EST)

Well, any tool can be the right tool, as that sage Red Green says, usually
after a chain saw has gone thru his garage wall....

But for keys, to each their own. Yet Tom does not have to go on a major
and expensive hunt for a J-38 yet, I'd like to say.
I did get a J-38 for 15 bux, once, luckily, but mostly the sellers have
$$ for corneas.

The Kent straight key, the Vibroplex straight key, 
The Nye Master key (especially), the Bencher straight key are all fine
keys, available new and gently used at fests and stores, and are in great
shape, etc.

I got the Nye Master new for what, maybe 30 bux, when I began and it did
fine service.

Other more common militaria and reasonably priced might also be found at
fests, but it is not a
case, as I hope it obvious once keys start to be seen, that it is J-38 or
nothing. Lots of useful stuff to be had TO USE.

I agree, and warn, that key collecting has gotten a bit silly, as I have
had a Wilson version of the McElroy 'oval base' literally removed from my
hands when examining one at a hamfest, and then the fellow just paid the
price on it with no comment (what do you do?), people arguing over who had
first dibs on a Vibroplex Lightning bug at a table, and more escapades
than are sane or mature.

Anyhow, like NIKE says, just do it, with something that your hand likes.
BTW, non-skid carpet underlay makes a GREAT surface to put your key base
on. Your key will not move. (stuff looks like plastic burlap).

Brien Pepperdine
Amateur Radio Station VE3VAW Toronto, Ontario Canada ARCI #8773 -  NORCAL

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