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[TenTec] 'Lil PTO'

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Subject: [TenTec] 'Lil PTO'
From: epaolin@insys.it (eric)
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 19:52:24 +0100
I do not want to undertake SURGERY on a potentially healthy PTO... 

If any of you gentle people could provide insight/direction as to a problem
being experienced on an otherwise wonderful Triton IV.

Tuning was smooth and even across the PTO's entire range until a few days
ago, when the tuning would slow down near mid-range.  Where one revolution
was made, ten or so, are now needed to traverse the same frequency range
with everything else functioning, i.e., DIAL moves slower, received
frequency changes at same rate.  Removal of TUNING KNOB and SKIRT revealed
the outer shaft to rotate at a slower rate!?  

Does it really need a rebuild?  I have heard mention of heating of the PTO's
shaft- how?  Any guidance would be appreciated.

GOD Bless


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