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>Subject: [TenTec] Re: [TRLog] RIT and Ten Tec
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>This comes from the TRlog reflector.  I wonder who at TT was spoken to and
>why the suggestion mentioned was dismissed.  Royalites to Kenwood?  I'd
>sure like to know.
>Eric W3DQ
>Washington, DC

Hi Eric (and all): 

The suggestion to implement a second computer command interface as an
addition to the "Icom-compatible" one already used in the Omni-VI and
Omni-VI Plus came up two or three years ago in discussions with Larry
Tyree (author of TR-Log).  The issue was the same noted here, RIT
control on the transceiver with TR-Log.  We ultimately decided against
tampering with the current interface because of the cost and time 
involved versus the amount of benefit that would have come from adding
a second command interface to the radio.  

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