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Subject: [TenTec] CW, Antennas
From: agulseth@juno.com (Al Gulseth)
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 17:20:19 EST
Sorry to take up the bandwidth with peripheral issues, but hopefully
there are some out there who might have some comments on these items or
can point me to appropriate resources.

1. (The thread on keys and the mention of SKN brought this to mind.) What
are the best current or recent production weighted base or free-standing
(i.e., not requiring mounting screws) straight keys based on A.
feel/action; B. price/performance ratio; C. esthetics (looks)? (P.S.
There can be multiple "winners" by category here; also, I prefer a navy
type knob if possible). FYI, I currently have an old E. F. Johnson
Speed-X model 310 which has been upgraded to a navy knob but would like
to have something which doesn't have to be screwed down to the operating
table. Also, how or where on the bands is the place to get a VERY rusty
fist back in shape?

2. Is anyone out there with a good antenna program willing to analyze
some ideas of mine? Due to a sked with my Dad who is in an
antenna-restricted situation, I need a highly directional wire array for
40 or possibly 40/20 meters. It needs to fit on about a half acre with
some restrictions about feedpoint and layout due to the use of natural
antenna poles (AKA oak trees) and the location of the room used as the
hamshack. I have mentally sketched out a theoretical v-beam type array
but would like to find out what a computer analysis of it would say.

Feel free to respond direct.


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