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[TenTec] RE: CW (straight keys)

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Subject: [TenTec] RE: CW (straight keys)
From: badger@vbe.com (Michael Melland)
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 16:56:11 -0600
Well...... my experience was limited to a J38 and a Nye "Master Key"
until about two months ago.  I found the web site for the Swedish Radio
Supply AB (sellers of commercial and ham gear) and they listed an
original "Swedish Pump Key" called the SRS-key.  After a series of
emails with them I ordered one.  It arrived in about 1 week.  I love it
!  It's well made/heavy of brass with a nice wood base and knob.  Each
key sports a nice brass name plate with individual serial number.  The
keys are made by Lennart Pettersson & Co. in Hoverberg, Sweden. The knob
took a little getting used to but I actually like it very much.  Supurb
control and action of the key make even my cw sound pretty good.  With
shipping the key cost me about $159 USD billed to my VISA (changes
depending on current exchange rates). They also sell a smaller key which
is fancier and more costly.   

See the key at http://www.srsab.se/gb/srskey-gb.html  I have no
connection with SRSAB but am a satisfied customer.

73 es Merry X-mas !!
Michael Melland, KB9QHU
Winneconne, Wisconsin, USA
FISTS #4387, 10-10 #69281, QRP-L #1656
CW, SSB, and Electronics
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