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[TenTec] 23 Cent Morse Key for SKN

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Subject: [TenTec] 23 Cent Morse Key for SKN
From: no5w@flex.net (Charles Sanders)
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 15:22:46 -0600
Bill & the TenTec Gang -

While we're on the subject of keyers for SKN you might try the PopTop Keyer by
N5RLJ.  It is an interesting design based on the top of a Snapple bottle.  Turns
out that the safety button that pops up to indicate the original seal is broken
makes a pretty good keying device.  Hold in one hand and key away to heart's
content.  Contact N5RLJ for detailed plans -- the standard disclaimer applies
that I own no stock in Dave's PopTop Keyer company!

Look for NO5W in SKN/Chuck

William F. Haddon wrote:

> For SKN:
> During an especially bumpy descent into Portland, Oregon two 1/2 years ago,
> I grabbed a soft-drink can began to tap out Morse code on the opening tab.
> For the following December SKN, I built a  straight key for about 23 cents
> from a discarded soft drink can (I suppose you could use a b__r can as well).

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