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[TenTec] Sale - Ten Tec 405 Amp

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Subject: [TenTec] Sale - Ten Tec 405 Amp
From: rjlees@juno.com (Robert J Lees)
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 20:17:09 -0500
I have a Ten Tec Model 405 solid state amplifier with manual for sale. 
This was built to take a QRP signal of 1 to 5 watts and amplify it to
about 50 watts. It is a no tune amp that will operate on all HF bands
from 80 to 10 meters.  It is in perfect working condition and I have used
it to amplify the output of my QRP Plus rig with good results.  Price is
$150 plus shipping.

Cosmetically, it has a few minor scratches, mostly on one side. 
Someone's SS number is etched into the bottom.  It has had mods as
follows:  Power switch is different from original which failed; a
resistive attenuator is installed to reduce an input of about 8 watts to
5 watts or below; there has been a front panel switch added to switch the
attenuator in and out; the resistor in series with the meter lights has
been increased to dim them a bit and avoid burnouts.  

The only reason for selling is that QRP is not my interest right now and
I am getting rid of my QRP gear.


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