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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Keeping a rig turned on continuously
From: w8au@sssnet.com (w8au@sssnet.com)
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 17:17:49 -0500
Hey Royboy:
I now know why I don't hear you much in the P.M......you're getting
addicted to this reflector stuff.....be careful.

Your story is well taken, but, let me tell you this one...

Back years ago when I was running CW/M in my black chevy company car,
during the middle of August, when the temperature was about 90+, I stopped
by the downtown Akron office and parked the car out side (hot sun).  As I
usually did, I rolled up the windows, reached over to the Triton 4 and
switched the function switch one detent to the right, which "usually" took
it from CW to SSB-N.  This was to keep the key from accidentally turning on
the rig.  
Well, on this day I did not realize the function switch was already in the
SSB-N position.  I parked and quickly flipped the switch to the right and
jumped out.  
An hour and fifteen minutes later, I returned, opened the car door, and a
wave of hot heat rolled out on me.....  puzzled, I cautiously got in, and
found the heat was coming from the Tentec 540... I thought, "Oh, No," when
I noticed the function switch in "lock" position (key down), and when I
grabbed the knob to turn it back, it was extremely hot.  I then found out
that I could not touch the case, or front panel as it would burn my fingers.  
I started the car and went on from there, with a real "doom & gloom"
depression, imagining a real big repair job on the final.  The rig took 4
hours to cool down to where it felt normal again. (after I had reached
home)  I then thought I would turn it on and just see how much destruction
I had caused.  To my amazement, it acted normal...full power out....as if
nothing had happened!
I had that rig 20 years and, with the exception of the dial cord, it never
needed any maintenance.  
I bow to the southwest.....(toward Sevierville)

CU on 40/30

At 02:09 PM 12/30/98 -0600, you wrote:
>    A hint for those keeping the switch on and in CW  mode. I relate a
>horror experience a friend had with his new, (a-hem!) FT-1000  several
>years ago. This could apply even to Ten-Tec if you tend to have a black 
>cloud over your head as I do.    Anyway, Dick kept it running continously
>and  went out to mow the lawn. When he returned to the shack, he found the
>rig had  keyed itself down full bore at 200 W for an extended period of
>time. This caused  a full melt-down of the PA stage. Not nice.   So, if you
>practice this custom, do turn down  the power control to near zero when you
>leave the rig  unattended.           K6XK 

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