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[TenTec] FS: Omni-V and P/S

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Subject: [TenTec] FS: Omni-V and P/S
From: ccouch@United.Net (Charles Couch)
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 13:08:22 -0600
Too many HF rigs here.Selling Omni-V and P/S to make
room for a six-plus some day.
 I brought the Omni-V and matching P/S from the Ten-Tec factory
about one year ago.They look like new rigs and work like new ones
also.The Omni-V has a 500hz filter included,I brought the filter new
from Ten-Tec also.Ten-Tec checked this radio from botttom to top
before they sold it to me,It's as near perfect as you can get.I may
have a 238 tuner for sale also , I want know for a few days.I have
boxes and manuals for all the rigs.

                  Omni-V  $1,000  This includes the 500hz filter and
                    P/S            150  includes shipping

Robert/N4USG       ccouch@united.net

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