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[TenTec] Question about "Field Strength Meter" kit...

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Subject: [TenTec] Question about "Field Strength Meter" kit...
From: kkanalz@optelinc.com (kkanalz@optelinc.com)
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 09:29:31 -0600

Chances are, what you'll get is:

a.   1    Diode (probably a surplus 1N914!)
b.   1    #22 gauge wire, two feet long, red insulation
c.   1    Binding post
d.   1    0.001 ufd disc capacitor

That's about all it takes (plus a case) to build a field strength
meter -- you can make it "sexier", but the above parts are
all you need for the essential FSM (field strength meter).

Karl K - W8TIF
McKinney, Texas

"Tom Scott" <tscott@eni.net> on 01/15/99 02:57:54 AM

Please respond to tscott@eni.net

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Subject:  [TenTec] Question about "Field Strength Meter" kit...

Okay, here's something I've been wondering about that I'll be someone here
knows about...

I have several times seen ads reading like: "Send $10 for information and
materials to turn your digital volt meter into an RF field strength meter".

Has anyone sent for one of these? Is this legitimate, or do you get a hank
of wire and a drawing?

- Tom

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