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[TenTec] FS Omni-6 with Option 3

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Subject: [TenTec] FS Omni-6 with Option 3
From: crobson@erie.net (Chris Robson)
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 1999 21:56:28 -0500
Due to busines demains and lack of time, I have decided to let one of my
beloved Omni-6 Rigs go to find a new home where it will get touched and
fondled on a regular basis. Here's the deal:

Omni-IV with option 3 upgrade (beautiful rig)
        includes 500 hz CW filter(will not sell separately)

Matching 22 amp Power Supply(model 961)
        $200.00 (will sell separately only if the Omni buyer doesn't what it)

Model 229  2KW Antenna Tuner (the Omni-D style case)
        Indicator needle still works smoothly(normally the only thing that fails
on these tuners) and all the lights & meters work. Looks fantastic(scale: 9.8)

Please don't feel bad by buying this equipment, I have the exact duplicate
station(Omni-IV) just to the right of this gear and still have my Corsair I
as a backup. I just have too many rigs and not enough time to operate. I
hate to see this equipment go to waste.

Contact:  Chris Robson KB3A
            814-474-1211 (day or night) or

73, Chris KB3A

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