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[TenTec] Pop Comm slant and position

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Subject: [TenTec] Pop Comm slant and position
From: s.muldoon@linkeng.com" <s.muldoon@linkeng.com (Steve Muldoon)
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 09:16:50 -0800
Hello all,
        I generally do not find occasion to post or reply to the reflector, but 
am compelled to share a few thoughts and observations regarding "Pop Comm". 
        As a former military signals intelligence analyst (put out of work by 
end of the Cold-War), I had  intimate knowledge of some of the topics and 
information being tossed out on the news stand by that publication. (A 
mixture of fact and fiction at best)
        I wrote to the editor of the magazine on a few different occasions over 
period of 10 years to take issue with the validity of some of the 
information published.  Errors of FACT including things like identifying a 
Russian made "Spoon-Rest" radar (on the cover of the magazine, no less) as 
an Iraqi communications van.  When I politely wrote the editor to point out 
that not only was the equipment mis-identified, but that an entire article 
was written about this mis-identified equipment, his reply was that I had 
no credentials and that he trusted the author of the article.  Anyone could 
have cracked open a "Jane's" military equipment guide and easily identified 
the mistake.  I could go on and on.........
        My comments to hams or radio enthusiasts would be to stay away from a 
publication that is not only clearly political, but mis-leading, and does 
not care that it is mis-leading readers.
                                                        Steve N8KOM
Feel free to reply direct regarding my comments, as I know I am on the 
fringe of the reflector topic.

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