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Subject: [TenTec] Ads
From: pinskeep@iglou.com (Peter Inskeep)
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 12:23:19 -0500

Others have already no doubt responded, but the plain fact is that none of
us ever want to part with our old stuff, even when we get something new.
Hang on for a time, and you will see some real nice Ten-Tec stuff for sale.
 Also, from time to time you will see some "wanted to buy."

As an example, I purchased an Omni VI Plus last summer to replace my Delta
580.  I had no intention of selling my Delta, but nevertheless got a number
of inquiries when I happend to mention that I had purchased the Omni.  I
think that the long and short of it is that Ten-Tec makes darn good radios
and most people hate to part with them.

But, there is nothing that says one can not offer for sale or ask to buy
Ten-Tec stuff on the reflector.  Of course, I am just a reflectee, and may
not know the "official" position of the majordomo.

Pete, NO2D
Pewee Valley

At 09:42 1999/02/04 -0600, charles w burkhardt wrote:
>Gentlemen: I've found this service to be very useful for information
>about TenTec products, and I wish to thank,again, all those who responded
>to my questions. I 've noticed a few 'wanted to buy' or 'for sale'
>ads-but not many. Is there some sort of gentlemen's agreement that the
>forum should not be used  for ads?  I can see where this might tend to
>overload the system, but at the same time, could prove  to be of value to
>TenTec owners.   Charlie K0GPF
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