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[TenTec] K2

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Subject: [TenTec] K2
From: talljazz@teleport.com (Dan Presley)
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 23:27:24 -0800
Guys-hate to mention a non T-T rig here, but your description of the small
all-band low battery drain rig sounds exactly like the new K2 from
Elecraft. Mostly qrpers are grabbing them up, but they will go to 100 W,
and (with options) will do SSB. It's frankly the most amazing new rig on
the market for $5-700 range. Wayne Burdick of Norcal fame designed this.It
is a kit, but these guys do it right. Check out their webpage at
<www.elecraft.com>. Not an ad, as I have my trusty Corsair II, and will
never get rid of it!

Dan Presley-N7CQR-Portland, Or QRP-L #502

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