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[TenTec] New Rig :The future rig is now

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Subject: [TenTec] New Rig :The future rig is now
From: rohre@arlut.utexas.edu (rohre)
Date: 8 Feb 1999 16:18:13 -0600
I have been pretty quiet and off the net while being a builder of the new K2
kit from Elecraft.  They have set a new standard in a multiband, (all band),
microcomputer controlled, full featured transceiver; and it is a kit!

Ten Tec can look at this and see how the fine line of kits they have can
progress to a full blown all band transceiver.

The basic K2 is QRP (10 watts) with variable power, provision for built in
battery, and eventually a power brick for 100 W.  It is elegant in its
complete design but simple in execution.  Multiple Pic processors handle
things like band scanning, memories, keyer and message memories, etc.

Buses for external RS 232 control are provided, and internal busses are not
active unless being used, thus stopping computer hash noise in receiver.

Building the Ten Tec 1254 receiver with 400 parts in Jan. was a good warm up
for this 1000 part kit.  Now there is a vision on how the Scout could progress
to a new model, and have a kit option.  The K2 was done with discrete parts,
but made extensive use of resistor packs.

Plug in modules could be replaced with relay switched band filters.
Although, a custom switch would be easy for Ten Tec, who build variable
capacitors and other RF parts for their rigs.

Another idea would be for Ten Tec to offer surface mount RF modules that could
be either assembled in a standard transceiver, or custom applications.

73, Stuart K5KVH

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