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Subject: [TenTec] Radio Era Archives QST CD Roms
From: reid.w.simmons@intel.com (Simmons, Reid W)
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:09:00 -0800

I agree.

When I invite non-hams to see and experience my "fine Totally Ten Tec 
station" I hide the HT (which I've probably only used a dozen times 
since I got it in 1980), and I demonstrate 160 - 6 meters CW and SSB.  I 
don't presently have anything for the UHF and micros to show them, but 
non-FM signals are few and far between up there.  When I Elmer new 
people into the ham ranks I try to not even mention the "clueless tech" 
license because from what I've seen it becomes a dead end street for the 
majority of holders, once achieved (very easy, and not much of an 
achievement), the holder gets bored, is too lazy to upgrade and becomes 
a "ham drop out".  And it's also a waste of a lot of good call signs!

It should have been a two year nonrenewable license, but then 
"intelligent" people are not allowed to make policy or regulatory 
decisions in this or any other country.

Reid, K7YX

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Radio Era Archives QST CD Roms
Author:  "Walter S Delesandri" [SMTP:walt@jove.acs.unt.edu] at MSXGATE
To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Date:    2/10/99 8:29 AM

The "use" of UHF/SHF "consumer" junk from yaecomwood does not an amateur
make......Carl is right.....but the "techs" have even less knowledge and
ability than the "dinosaurs".......(Carl excluded, of course)

Carl, IF you've done what you say, you are NOT representative of 99.99% of
the folks that "no-code" have lured in.....I'm sorry, it's just fact.
Generalization and stereotypes are NOT 100% inclusive....I'm an exception
to several (non-ham) stereotypes......but that doesn't mean diddlyshit as to
the validity of the generalization.
If you're what you say you are, don't make a fool of yourself by "defending"
the kind of garbage that has come into our ranks since the 'decicion' --
or since the 'easing' of the code tests (with the advent of the VEC system)

There will alway be "a" ham radio...of this I'm convinced.....but no,
change is NOT always good, even thought it always happens....
In the audiophile world, of the 50s, most built their gear, or at least
understood the kits they built....the world of "vintage" or "contemporary"
tube audio is alive and well!!!-- but the "appliance" operators of
the audio field don't know anything about their gear....they're just
(usually well-heeled) consumers of a product....they bring it to me to
fix....until I threw them all out of my house, that is...

I am willing to "elmer" -- as much time and effort is needed --- but I'm
NOT a free "radio shop" for the "techies" to drop their "broken" radio
off at....not any more....they can send their talkies and mobiles (that's
all they own, isn't it?) to some "importer" -- IF they can even
the problem....

Goodbye, elmer....hello Gordon West/Fred Maia/Alinco/ADI/Rat Shack/...whip
them Master Cards....so we can TALK!!!!

Threes and Eights, my good buddies,


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