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Subject: [TenTec] Inrad 2.8K
From: patents@dx0man.prestel.co.uk (patents@dx0man.prestel.co.uk)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 00:01:24 -0000 (GMT)
Thanks for the info Carl, but its a very long haul (expensive) phone
call from here (until I get Internet telephone working). I already
e-mailed INRAD and got enough data to make a snap decision. Now you
sold me on the idea and I plan to collect a few filters from them at
Dayton. They will offer a 10% discount, but of course I must pay the
Ohio tax, but no postage. And I have to get to Dayton ... But I
already paid the airfare; I was heading there anyway for my annual
overdose of sore feet and jet lag.

So now I can tell the XYL its your fault we are going to be short on
even more US dollar bills for our vacation in October. The good news
is that we already planned to fly to Las Vegas, so I can try to recoup
the loss in a casino .... 

John G3JAG 

On 10-Feb-99 Carl Hyde wrote:
> WHY don't you call George at INRAD and ask him for the technical
> information you need??? He was more than willing to answer all my
> questions on his filters and faxed me all the technical info I
> needed.
> He's a nice guy, a brilliant engineer and theorist and has an
> excellent
> product.   My Omni has all INRAD filters and they are a qauntum
> leap over
> the factory filters in my opinion and in some before/after tests
> with a
> friends Omni on the same antenna & coax.  Any measurement you make
> still
> comes down to "Ya can't work em if ya cant hear em"  So you can do
> all the
> specing and testing you want and its still subjective.  If ya want
> the
> factory filters buy em.  If ya want a distinct advantage in any
> contest
> over all other radios with any filters (Except a Drake R4C with the
> Sherwood mods, cause you'll never get better than that)  then spend
> a few
> extra bucks and get the INRAD filters.  You'll never regret the
> decision
> especially in a few years when the sunspot cycle begins its
> downturn.  So
> call George, he doesn't bite and I'm sure he will be happy to
> supply you
> with the information you need.
> patents@dx0man.prestel.co.uk wrote:
>> Its impossible to comment in depth when the INRAD web site does
>> not
>> give any specification for their TenTec filters. We need to know
>> how
>> many poles, the -60dB bandwidth, (for the shape factor) and
>> preferably
>> also the ultimate stopband. Its also essential to get some idea of
>> the
>> filter loss, especially for the narrow CW filters. Without this
>> info,
>> there is no real reason to even consider fitting an INRAD filter
>> instead of the standard filters.
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> Carl Hyde
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Date: 10-Feb-99
Time: 18:25:59
John Crux
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