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[TenTec] FS OMNI C and accessories

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Subject: [TenTec] FS OMNI C and accessories
From: ac5am1@juno.com (Bob Stolzle)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 13:33:09 -0600
Hello everyone,

Need to get rid of some of this digital readout stuff to make room for
more boatanchors.

For Sale an excellent Omni C high serial #. These last 500 or so made
had a very nice dark (or medium) slate gray color front panel not the
flat black of the earlier serial #. This per Ten Tec factory...
It has all crystals for every HF ham band including all WARC bands...It
can be
used QRP on CW by simply turning down the drive to 5w. I have even used
it at 1w
for some QRP contests...The receiver in it is one of the best I have
It has RIT/XIT, audio filters, notch filter and capability for 1.8khz and
500hz xtal filters.

Also have the 1.8khz xtal filter, (no 500hz filter but I have never seen
the need).

The power supply is a deluxe TenTec 255 which has a built-in speaker,
meter, overload protection and a heavy duty heat sink. Also the power
supply is 
in dark slate gray color..

To complete the station I have a 243 external vfo which is like new. Also
in the
dark slate gray color..This will give you the capability to work wide
split (same 
band) and listen to two frequencies at the same time..

Will sell ALL for $650 plus shipping.. If you want only the Omni C
1.8khz xtal filter, $425....  Xtal filter installed add $55... Power
supply add $100. all plus

Includes all manuals..Oh, also just back from TT factory for alignment..

73, Bob  AC5AM   

Robert L. Stolzle
1032 Parkway Dr.
Natchitoches, LA 71457

ph 318-352-2508 

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