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[TenTec] Re:Filter question,,,,Thank you

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Subject: [TenTec] Re:Filter question,,,,Thank you
From: RangerSF5@aol.com (RangerSF5@aol.com)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:11:08 EST
H i TT gang,
Many thanks to all who responded.
I was really amazed that so many of you told me that the price of that TT
Argosy was a deal.
It was turned down because of the breaker cord and not having the 8 pole
But it did have the Embedded Research audio/CW filter.
When I said ALL options,the last thing that entered my mind was the C/B cord
and I did say the rig had the EB CW/Audio filter.(I think)
But the rig is clean,had a total alignment,rock solid PTO,5 low/50 high and
has 30-M.
thought the $200.00 was a good price,plus a refund if not happy.
I have nothing to refund.(no MO arrived yet)
29 letters supporting me and a few on listing exactly what the options are.
Next time,i'll dig in and see just what the rig has inside.
The CW and SSB seemed excellent to me.
Thank you all for you'r support.
Just to many to list but it makes feel good knowing that I did not try to scam
WA2HOQrp <tm>   Broke and rigless

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