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[TenTec] Service manuals revisited...

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Subject: [TenTec] Service manuals revisited...
From: tscott@eni.net (Tom Scott)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 23:41:24 -0800
(My apologies, I'm re-sending this without the filter request, I didn't want
folks to miss this part.)

So here's a slightly crazy idea that nevertheless has some appeal to me. I
have a proposal for the group. If Ten-Tec won't publish service manuals, it
occurs to me that we could compile unofficial data ourselves.

Actually the idea came indirectly from my Dad. He suggested that when my
Omni V comes back from being serviced by Ten-Tec (yeah my station looks real
empty right now), I should go through it and measure some signals at key
places and record the data for future use if I ever have to troubleshoot a
failure. So it occurs to me that if we all chipped in we could collect some
pretty comprehensive data. We could even get a feel for the range of normal
values in a normally functioning  rig. We could collect information about
which areas of the system are the most prone to gradual degradation, where
the major failure modes are, and which signals and tests are key to
isolating problems. I would be willing to serve as a central compiler /
editor of the data for the Omni V, perhaps others would volunteer to do
likewise for their radios. Once we have compared notes, circulated the data
around the group to refine it, and have something worth saving, we might
explore the possibility of archiving this data on the unofficial Ten-Tec web

Maybe this seems crazy, or trivial, to some, but I know it would help me.
Sort of a collection of Ten-Tec Service FAQs.

Just a thought, what do you think?

- Tom
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