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[TenTec] Creating public domain service manuals...

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Subject: [TenTec] Creating public domain service manuals...
From: tscott@eni.net (Tom Scott)
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 20:36:19 -0800
Reply to wb9iog:

In case there is some confusion, the Omni V does have good basic
documentation, including schematics and limited circuit description, but
what I mean by a service manual is alignment procedures, signal & voltage
information at different circuit nodes, characteristic waveforms, distortion
measurements, receive sensitivity measurements, etc. Basically step by step
tests that the factory might do when checking out a new unit, or aligning /
checking an old one in for service.

My proposal was that we could take units fresh back from Ten-Tec service, or
just units known to be in good working order, and take the time to record
this data with documentation of the test equipment and procedures used. If
we archived this sort of information, it would make troubleshooting problems
easier. I have much of the equipment required for testing and am willing to
collect what I don't have. I'm not enough of an RF designer to troubleshoot
it entirely from just schematics (I realize that some are), but with this
kind of test data, I can get down to the source of a problem pretty quickly.
I'm a pretty good digital/computer engineer, but I've never done much
RF/analog design and I'm trying to learn more.

Actually I've got my Omni V in for service right now and am planning to take
these sort of measurements on it when it comes back for my own use.

I hope this clarifies what I'm looking for.

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Tom Scott wrote:
I saved your first message with the intention of responding.
First I had no idea that TT didn't have a service manual for
the "Premium" rigs. Unlike the riceburners who do.
I've only worked on two designs- the Century 21 and the Triton
series. Had a Scout but it needed no service.

In those cases I saw no need for a service manual as the operating
manuals gave me what I needed. What knowledge am I missing?

Observation; it seems to me a lot of TT owners do no/little service
but are prone to pack it up and send to Seiverville.
What does that say?? Not sure myself but I do wonder.

If I had a service need I'd fix it myself-shipping back and forth
costs a minimum of $50 and risks the potential for damage.
So I'm scratching my head why your proposal had little response.

One more comment- I sure would like the Omni VI+ but w/o complete
documentation within the operator manual sure would think twice
about acquiring one.Keep in mind that iv'e never seen the operating
manual for the high priced rigs-

Le Claire, IA

> Ten-Tec'ers,
> Having only received one positive response, and this being an idea that
> would require more than that participation to be able to fly, I guess this
> idea isnn't going to get off the ground... Too bad, it had some appeal to
> me, seemed like the kind of things that this forum might be good for...
> still up for it if anyone changes their mind, but I thought I'd better
> report back on the lack of response.

> So here's a slightly crazy idea that nevertheless has some appeal to me. I
> have a proposal for the group. If Ten-Tec won't publish service manuals,
> occurs to me that we could compile unofficial data ourselves.
>rt of a collection of Ten-Tec Service FAQs.
> Just a thought, what do you think?
> - Tom
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