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[TenTec] The death of the public domain Service manual...

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Subject: [TenTec] The death of the public domain Service manual...
From: tscott@eni.net (Tom Scott)
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 14:45:10 -0800
Well this has been quite interesting.

I've surely received a wider variety of responses than I could have
predicted (see below for a digested sampling). On balance however I (we)
seem to be in the minority in the belief that more information than is in
the Omni V manual (the only one I have experience with) would be very useful
to collect and disseminate. It reminds me of the story of the blind men each
handling a different part of an elephant's anatomy and describing what they
found. Some of us have clearly got a different perception than others here.
At times I was tempted to believe that some of you were reading a different
Omni V manual than mine. I'm afraid though that those of us who would like
more are not the best experts on the subject, not surprisingly, and those
whose wisdom we could most benefit from, don't perceive the need.

Hummm... Well, there clearly isn't enough consensus behind this for it to go
anywhere, other than the idea of submitting clean copies of manuals to J. B.
EDMONDS for inclusion on the web. I will be happy to do that with my Omni V
manual and would encourage others to do likewise. So other than that I will
let this subject thread die of natural causes and go back to lurk mode, and
to soaking up the collective wisdom that is here, each bit at a time.

Thanks all, for responding, no matter what your opinion has been.

Sincerely, Tom Scott   <part of the great "RF-challenged", but learning more
all the time...:) >  73's

Not a bad idea.  Older manuals are already on the way.  My problem is I dont
have very many.
TO THE CURIOUS READERS (or other interested parties).  If you have manuals
for rigs you no longer have (or great looking copies), I can make use of
them.  TT onlyof course.
J. B.  EDMONDS [jedmonds.dit@asdmail.state.va.us]

 (Various comments indicating there is no need, its all in the manual,
concluding with..)
And there you go, Gathering some of that data does require an engineer who
can interept scope patterns, stage gains, describe circuits better etc. ...
I think that's a good idea but again, be careful with that probe. ...
It's a good cause and good that you have the time to do it.
Steve Ellington N4LQ [N4LQ@iglou.com]

For me, the manual that comes with the rigs seems quite adaquate for a
service manual. Most of the needed info for alignment is included in them.
I'm sure there are no other manuals available. They just jot down a pile of
notes and make dozens of revisions. There's no 2 TenTec rigs alike! That
makes them even more endearing.
Steve Ellington N4LQ [N4LQ@iglou.com]

Unless there's some tentec with germanium transistors, it takes 0.6 volts to
turn on a silicon transistor.
73, Jerry, K0CQ

I don't own an OmNi V or VI. But I do own a Omni C model D
I think it's a great IDEA !
Rob [ke2ba@visi.net]

- Tom
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