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[TenTec] Passed my 1A!!!

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Subject: [TenTec] Passed my 1A!!!
From: tscott@eni.net (Tom Scott)
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 01:18:26 -0800
Forgive me if this is too off topic, but its kind of related to Ten-Tec,
because I'll now be legal to use my Omni-V once it comes back from the shop
for a tune-up. I passed my 5WPM 1A test tonight!

I'll admit that it wasn't pretty, I got the brain cramps I expected, but
they're pretty generous and I managed to get both enough questions right and
more than the requisite 25 char straight with no errors. If I hadn't passed
it this time, I was sure to next month when the local group next gives CW
tests. But what this really means is that now I can get on the air with my
dad who is also a Tech+ wanting to go on, and we can QSO each other right on
up to General and beyond. I expect to find that the best way to learn will
be to use it often. We'll probably try to get some QSO in just about every
night practicing, and we'll both be patient with one another. I'll also keep
using my code quick SW and some Gordon West tapes, and I'll copy off of W1AW
and so on, but having someone to communicate with regularly I think will
definitely help.

Just thought I'd share this with the group, I can't quite call myself a real
fist yet, but I'm getting there... Now if Ten-Tec would just hurry up and
get my radio back to me... :)


- Tom
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