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[TenTec] On Contact Cleaning

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Subject: [TenTec] On Contact Cleaning
From: rblank@texas.net (Rick Blank)
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 22:04:20 -0000
The former Cramolin red is now the Caig DeoxIt D-5, the Cramolin 
blue is now Caig CaiLube, I would MUCH rather use either of these 
chemicals than WD-40...in fact, the only thing I ever use WD40 for 
is spraying down my engine compartment after a thourough washing 
of the engine....I found out years ago that doing this to a new engine 
keeps it looking new much, much longer and adds to the resale 
value, no oxidized or corroded fasteners, all the hardware looks like 
new, etc....

As far as using WD40 on electronics, why?  There are so many 
other substances that do a proper job of it that using WD40 is like 
using a non-detergent, recycled motor oil compared to a synthetic 
motor oil...150,000 mles with no appreciable wear in an engine is a 
pretty good testament, in my view, to the superiority of synthetics vs. 
the crap we used to have years ago, of course, or fuels are cleaner 
now, not a lot of sulfur buildups as in the past that would cause 
H2SO4....and this comes from someone who has worked on 
everything from an 1899 Locomobile steam car to Ferrari's...the 
only other oil I know of that has such good lubricating capabilities is 
Castor based oils, and they are a freaking mess to deal with, I used 
them in racing motorcycles years ago, and periodic engine rebuilds 
are necessary to get the naturally occuring varnish off the interior 
surfaces of engines....but, it does preserve, I worked on an old 
LeRhone (I think that's how it's spelled, it's been >20 years ago) 
WW1 aircraft engine that was perfectly preserved from a thick coat 
of Castor varnish...

Now, one of the new audiophile "tweaks" is a squaline based oil from 
deep sea harvested sharks, supposed to do everything that the Caig 
products do to enhande electrical conductivity between clean metal 
connections...oh well, so it goes!

Rick Blank, KI5SL                      
AMSAT NA #26195
2331 Vance Jackson Road
San Antonio, Texas 78213    

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