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[TenTec] Power Supply for alternate radios at same time with Omni 6+ ??

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Subject: [TenTec] Power Supply for alternate radios at same time with Omni 6+ ??
From: Grins@interconnect.net (Grins)
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 07:31:43 -0500

Hello gents..

I just have had my Omni 6+ running for a week now... and man, do I love
it....  I purchased the matching power supply and 2000 watt manual tuner...

I powered the tuner meter via the 13.8vdc jack in the back of the Omni, but
it bothers me that due to the voltage drop, the meter light dims when I
transmit CW... so I ran it over to one of the two jacks in the back of the
power supply..

Now, it does not dim, when I transmit... I have an Icom base two meter all
mode that I wanted to power from the other phono (RCA) jack on the power
supply, but was reading it is only for 3 amps.. but also noted it is in
parallel with the main circuit to the Omni.. now this base is a 25 watt
transceiver, so I would assume it would draw about 5 to 6 amps on transmit..
and am curious why I could not run it off this other plug, ASSUMING I DO NOT

Would this not be true? or am I missing something here?  Has anyone done
such a thing? or do I need to employ another separate power supply for the
Icom 2 meter base?

Finally, one last question.. may I use the remote 13.8vdc jack on the back
of the Omni to power a muffin fan for the fines on the power supply?  Seems
like this is a no-brainer, cuz if it dips in voltage during transmit, it
won't matter, the fan will just slow down slightly... who cares?

Thanks in advance for your comments... I am curious to learn if others are
doing similar things with these remote extra connectors..

Man.. what a CW rig..!!

73/Mike K5AWI

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