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[TenTec] Remote station operation

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Subject: [TenTec] Remote station operation
From: DAVED@ctilidar.com (Dave D'Epagnier)
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 08:23:04 -0600
Excuse me if this stuff has already been covered somewhere, but:
Is anyone on this reflector remotely operating their Tentec xcvr? I'm
looking at setting up a station for remote operation and am considering
maybe the Pegasus for this. I called Tentec sales and was told that none
of their units are designed for remote operation and they have no plans
for remote accessory boxes for rotator control, and no software for it
etc. I'm interested in Pegasus because it's a lot less expensive than
Kachina. Is there any reason why a Pegasus couldn't be controlled
remotely by having a PC and modem at both ends of a telephone link?
Couldn't rotator control and amplifier control also be attained via. PC
serial port connections? Is all of this possible but just a big hassle
compared to using the Kachina stuff? Any comments?

Dave K0QE 

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