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[TenTec] filter installation

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: [TenTec] filter installation
From: whowell@hq.nasa.gov (Scott Howell)
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 08:47:32 -0400
tnx for the information. You know I didnt' even consider that. See, you
saved me all that worry that I did something to my little friend. Well now
only if I could get out of here and go home to fix that.<g>

tnx agn.

73 de Scott/n3byy

At 01:58 PM 08/04/1999 +0100, Piotr Tomczak wrote:
>I do not sure about omni V but
>1. The filters can be put either side, there is no differance.
>2. If you put normall 217 in 217 place you have to compensate for 
>the filter loss by moving the gain jumper from low to high position...
>In Omni VI there is jumper nearest the front panel nearby the filter.
>Check it !
>Piotr LA9HFA
>At 07:45 AM 8/4/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>ok folks, help!.
>>Please tell me I did something wrong or that this is the exspected outcome.
>>I installed the 500hz filter modle 217 where the 1.8 modle 218 was in my
>>This was the filter sitting by itself and as you look at the rig upside
>>down with the front facing you, the filter next to the other filters which
>>are in a row on the right side and this one is by itself to the left and
>>sitting sideways.
>>I put it in so the writing as you look at it is reading correctly from left
>>to right.
>>I turned on the rig and noticed the audio was much lower than before. Is
>>this exspected or did I put the filter in backward. I don't know if they
>>can be installed backward or not. I also need to check to be sure I didn't
>>bump that little wire that runs along side the other filters. Can't
>>remember what that wire does, but in any case please someone tell me this
>>is normal.
>>I didn't think the new filter should drop the audio from being a bit noisy
>>to being so quiet. Seems though the Omni is still hearing well, but I like
>>to know what others have to say just so I know I didn't do something bad<g>.
>>tnx es 73 de Scott/n3byy
>>btw, if anyone wants the 218 filter, I'll take $60 shipped.
>>73 de Scott/n3byy
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