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[TenTec] Triton IV Model 544 Rcv'd

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Subject: [TenTec] Triton IV Model 544 Rcv'd
From: jreid@aloha.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 14:40:13 -1000
Aloha to all,

Recall last week I was looking for a nice digital Triton IV.
UPS delivered same to me just before lunch today;
came from California for a very fair price and sharing
the shipping to Kauai.

The rig appears to be in "brilliant,  uncirculated,  mint"  
condition!  Maybe I should put it in a plastic box,  and
just shelve it?........Nah,  I'm going to hook it up this
afternoon and see how it plays!  Also rcv'd what appears
to be a brand new manual for it.  Started to page through,
but realized the pages appeared to have never been
opened before!!  Perhaps this is just part of the excitement
and illusion of a new (to me)  rig.

Must be very careful with this pretty little guy.  Looks
very nice on the shelf just above the Omni VI+;  will
have a comparison between them in a day or so.
First is to compare  noise,  as that was the impetus;
someone was praising the "quietness" of the Triton,
so we'll see.

BTW,  still would like to find three of the Triton accessories:

1. Triton IV Remote VFO, Model 242

2.  Triton IV Power Supply,  Model 262G

3.  Triton IV 160 Meter Transverter,  Model 240

Should you have and might be willing to sell,  or know 
of a possible seller, I would greatly appreciate hearing 
from you.

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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