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[TenTec] First comments: Triton IV Model 544

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Subject: [TenTec] First comments: Triton IV Model 544
From: jreid@aloha.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 12:02:26 -1000
Aloha,  follow up:

> > Tonight I would say the Omni remains my rig of choice!!
> Somehow I figured this would be the conclusion. This kind of testing
> procedure just won't work. What you need is a "smileometer". Connect it to
> each side of the mouth and take readings while using each rig over a
> period of several years.

Yes,  you care so correct,  Steve.

Anyway,  fixing the S-meter position was easy.  Evidently it
originally was held in place with clear tape.  I found just
pushing it up,  it seemed to stay,  perhaps by the friction
of the illuminating lamp just behind it.  Anyway,  looks fine
now.  Also,  when I got it up in clear view,  noticed that
the calibration begins with S3,  not  S0 as does the Omni;
no big deal!  Was a pleasure listening to HZ1AB working the
pile ups this morning.  He was having a good time,  hi.  Did
not bother to work him,  he was very busy.

The noise blanker may not be in this unit,  pulling the NB
on using the ALC knob does nothing.  The OFFSET control
seems to do nothing,  and have not figured out what the
ZERO BEAT is suppose to be doing when you pull out
the RF gain knob;  it does QSY the frequency a bit,  maybe
moves the rcvr to the actual xmit frequency?

Anyway,  today the 544 seems to have changed gears with
the tuning knob;  now it is only about 2.5 kHz per complete
knob rotation.  Am sure it was a lot more than that last
night,  hi.  Like today's rate better,  but it sure takes awhile
to crank from the CW band up to the SSB area!

CW keying is great,  but haven't figured out how to go
into QSK as yet,  maybe it's in that mode all the time?
Doesn't seem so.

Also keys my Henry solid state linear just fine.  15 CW
is best band here in KH6 land through mid day.

Guess that's my report for now.

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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