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[TenTec] Blown PS 962

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: [TenTec] Blown PS 962
From: jreid@aloha.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 20:16:38 -1000

Need advise on my screw up,  probably a blown
PS 962 supply.

This afternoon,  used the Omni VI+ on the
Hawaii Afternoon Net.  Came back this evening to go
to 20 meter CW.  Switched the PS and Omni on,  pushed
the 20 meter button,  nothing happened.  Tried couple other
buttons:  again,  nothing.  So switched power off.

Waited a couple of minutes,  thinking this would clear something.
Turned power on again,  and bingo,  heard a sound,  and off
went the power lights.  Had left Omni power on,  just turning
on/off with the PS 962.  Switch on,  nothing.  Checked the
PS fuse:  blown.  Had a dickens of a time reading the
current rating;  could find no label on the back or front of
the PS 962.  Checked in my drawer,  found some fast blow
10 amp fuses.  Put one in the PS fuse holder.  Turned on 
the power supply and bap,  fuse blew.

Then I noticed a red pilot light on -- on the Ten Tec  705
desk mike!!  I had somehow left the mike switch ON,  and
that is why,  when turning on the Omni,  it would not react -
it was trying to transmit!!  Maybe that is what blew the initial
fuse in the PS.  The fuse on the back of the Omni is still
just fine.

This time,  had presence of mind to disconnect the PS from
the Omni.  Put in another fuse,  turned on the power -- nothing,
no pilot light.  Checked the fuse,  was not blown.  

So,  obviously I made an error putting in the 10 amp fast blow
fuse!  Eventually,  as I was disconnecting the PS, happened
to turn it upside down.  Sure enough,  there was the fuse
rating stamped on the bottom of the supply:  5 amps.!
So I did it with too high a rated fuse.

So,  what have I managed to damage inside the supply that
even the pilot light no longer comes on?  And I presume it
was having the mike keyed ON that instigated the episode.  I
have looked high and low,  and can find no data sheet
nor other info that may have come along with the PS 962
when it was new last Fall.  Could having left the Omni
in mike ON mode at power-up caused this problem.
Am sure was running no more that 30 or 40 watts out
on 40 meters earlier.  Rig was still connected,  but was
switched to the 20 meter beam and away from the
40 meter dipole when I tried going to 20 originally,
so was  mismatched while I was trying to get things
to work before noticing the mike was keyed on.

Will this unit have to go back to Ten Tec for repair,  or
something I can do without a sheet of info on the supply?

Now all I need is to find a mike that will plug into the little
Triton IV;  completely different mike socket,  on the
Triton the mike socket looks just as does the headphone
jack on both the Omni and Triton.  Then while the PS
is laid up,  I can at least hold up Kauai as needed on the

Shows what can happen when I do things too quickly,
thinking I know what I am doing.  Nuts.

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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