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[TenTec] 3AG fuses description

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Subject: [TenTec] 3AG fuses description
From: rohre@arlut.utexas.edu (rohre)
Date: 6 Aug 1999 14:29:58 -0500
3AG fuses are about a 1/4 inch diameter tube of glass or ceramic, with chromed
metal end caps.  The tube is one and 1/4 inch long.  It may be in a couple of
clips sitting atop the circuit board, or in a black plastic holder, but those
usually are panel mounted, or hanging on pigtail wires like an old car fuse
was done.  Are you familar with USA car fuses of the 50's, that is what you
are looking for.

Today, there are other kinds of fuses in use, that often look like a ceramic
bodied resistor, or a smaller glass tube, or even a cylinder with a glass
window in the end and two pins on other end, but those for most part are only
2 amps or less.  A power transistor fuse would be rated at the full current of
the supply.

Other fusing methods include use of fuse wire soldered between two standoff
insulators on a board, or even the use of thin copper wire as a fuse, although
this is NOT suggested as the fastest blowing type.

GL, Stuart K5KVH

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