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[TenTec] RX320 is hard of hearing

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Subject: [TenTec] RX320 is hard of hearing
From: prosolar@sssnet.com (mike bryce)
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 20:10:13 -0400

I have been playing with my new RX320. Only a week old. It seems to work ok
fine, but I have noticed that it does not hear very well.

I did a side by side comparison with a Ten Tec 1254 short wave radio kit and
the RX320. Using the same antenna with the 1254 sitting right beside the

I can hear many stations on the 1254, but only a hand full on the 320. Bands
I've notice this have been 40 30, and 20 meters. 

the short wave stations, ie bbc voa and what nots seem to boom in. (alas
they are all zillion watt stations)

antenna is a long wire (60+ feet) up about 20 feet.

as any other RX320 user notice a lack of sensitivity? 

Mike Bryce, wb8vge
SunLight Energy Systems
"Electricity at the speed of light"

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