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[TenTec] Spec comparison of Ten-Tec Pegasus VS Kachina 505DSP

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Subject: [TenTec] Spec comparison of Ten-Tec Pegasus VS Kachina 505DSP
From: af5z@inetport.com (Bob Helms)
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 15:50:02 -0500
Below is an indication of what Kachina thinks about the comparison
the 505DSP and the new Ten-Tec Pegasus Computer Controlled radio!

Ten-Tec's published specs are rather vague, which makes it difficult
for us
to do a side-by-side comparison.  However, based on what we do know,
Kachina has much better receiver sensitivity (.18 uVvs .35 uV),
dynamic range (118 dB vs 90 dB), 3rd order intercept point (+18 dBm
vs +10
dBm),  spurious and image rejection (>80 dB typical vs >60 dB) and
output (4W @ 4 Ohm vs 2W @ 4 Ohm)

The Kachina also has a number of built-in features not presently
on the Pegasus, such as built-in CW keyer and keyboard CW, built-in
Smith chart, built-in Logbook with callsign look-up via CD Rom
database and
optional remote control, antenna rotor control and built-in ATU.

Technically, I suspect the comparisons are much the same as if you
were to
compare a $2,200 conventional radio with a $900 conventional radio. 
You do
get more for your money but it's up to the buyer to decide whether he
performance or economy.

Does the Ten-Tec have any "holes" in its coverage, frequencies that
masked by computer noise or intentionally muted to cover such noise,
such as
is the case some inexpensive computer-based receivers?  We don't know
We do know that we went to great lengths to add extra shielding to
505DSP to make sure that this did not happen with our radio.  We did
not see
extensive shielding on the TenTec when we viewed it at Dayton, so are
anxious to find out for ourselves.  I suppose we'll have to await the
review to know for sure.

Also note that the internal firmware of the 505DSP can be easily and
completely upgraded via plug-in ROM cards.  I don't know whether or
not this
is the case with the TenTec.

I hope I have managed to answer at least some of the questions that
we have
been asked.

Kachina Communications, Inc.

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