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[TenTec] Re: Alternate Power Switching

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Alternate Power Switching
From: royanjoy@ncn.net (Roy Koeppe)
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 14:31:15 -0500
This concerns (loosely):

Hi, Gentlemen:

I've just purchased a battery system to serve as backup to my Ten-Tec
station.  Power from either the power supply or the batteries would be
switched with a SPDT switch.  Would I be correct in connecting the (-)
terminals on the battery, the rig and the power supply together, and
switching the (+) of the battery and power supply via the switch, to the
on the rig?  Does that make sense?

Regards --

Mitch  KJ4DX

Mitch, et al,

I want to toss out this thought to the group. It's well known that many
rigs don't like the marginal voltage from a 12V battery, especially when
not optimally charged.

Well, how about this principle. Use two 12V batts in series. Even el
cheapo, 'Chevy' batts. Connect the batts, via proper fusing, directly to
the basic AC power supply's main filter caps. Yes, ahead of the
regulator circuit. Now, providing that the unregulated voltage at the
filter caps matches the correct batts float voltage, the batts  will be
automatically charged at all times the AC supply is turned on. When a
power failure occurs, there is NO switching required--it's automatic!But
the BIG bonus to this scheme is that the 24V batts will be REGULATED
down to the normal 14V just like the raw, basic supply voltage is during
AC operation. The rig is blissfully unaware, running full normal power.
(For filters using other than 24V, use a combo of cells, e.g., 18V = 12V
+ 6V Chevy batts).

Get my madness? Please refine this concept?


Roy     K6XK      Iowa

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