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[TenTec] SGC-2020 vs TENTEC Scout

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Subject: [TenTec] SGC-2020 vs TENTEC Scout
From: JDuffy@aol.com (JDuffy@aol.com)
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 17:03:48 EDT

The 2020 is a great voice rig.  For CW, the clacking of the relay drives me 
nuts so I so not use it for CW.  The frequency display is not accurate.  It 
does have a calibration routine, but calibrating it for say 75 meters with 
LSB, throws off to an even greater degree the calibration for 20 meters with 
USB.  Other than those two irritants (SP?), the rig is not too bad.  If TT 
would have made the Scout a multiband rig WITHOUT those stupid modules, I 
would have bought it in a minute.  I switch bands all too frequently to use 
those modules.  So, if you want the rig for CW and do not change bands too 
frequently, go with the Scout.  If you are like me (SSB and frequent band 
changes) go with the 2020.

On a side note, TT personnel are much more knowledgeable than the SGC folks.  
The guys at SGC in Dayton could not answer any of my questions.  Their 
service department does not turn around rigs as fast as TT.  I sent the 2020 
back for a firmware upgrade and for them to correct this frequency 
calibration problem.  They updated the firmware, but the calibration problem 
still exist.


Duffy - WB8NUT

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