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[TenTec] About Pegasus VS Kachina Spec Comparison....

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Subject: [TenTec] About Pegasus VS Kachina Spec Comparison....
From: af5z@inetport.com (Bob Helms)
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 16:53:02 -0500
WOW!  In addition to the messages posted to the reflector on my
opinion and attempt to interpret the technical specifications between
the Kachina 505DSP and the Ten-Tec 550 Pegasus, I received the

-       A 'nice' full screen flame from an individual with an
unidentifiable email alias who stated that since I am a Tech +
licensee and don't work HF I shouldn't be expressing such an opinion
until I become a 'real' ham.

-       Several responses from people who took my remarks as an
advertisement - some for Ten-Tec and some for Kachina.  It must have
been an ineffective ad.

-       A few thanks for my input.

-       And a nice correction from Scott Robbins at Ten-Tec correcting my
erroneous interpretation of the two documents.  I agree, the receiver
IMD and overload characteristic specifications confused me and I
stated them incorrectly.

-       -       -       -

So, guess I'll go back to DXing on 20 meters and send less email. 
I'm trying to fill logbook number 37 after 32 years of hamming.  It's
been fun since getting my extra class license at age 18 and I do need
the code practice.  My sending is lousy above 35 wpm with paddles and
I get behind with code practice software after 52 wpm!

Best regards to all.  I won't be sending any direct responses except
in reply to polite questions of a constructive nature.

Bob Helms, AF5Z

I have heard of Ten-Tec somewhere [(;>. Perhaps since I owned a
PM-3A, Argonaut 505, Omni-D Series B and a Corsair II!

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