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[TenTec] Just arrived "Pre Owned" TenTec Omni-C-/qrp of course.

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Subject: [TenTec] Just arrived "Pre Owned" TenTec Omni-C-/qrp of course.
From: mitch96@pobox.com (The One and Only!)
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 18:30:20 -0400
It arrived Yesterday. On a scale of 1-10 its a 9 in my book. some
scratches on the side of the aluminum trim ring. They polished up ok but
if you look you can still see them. The vinyl is worn a bit in the back.
the rig is vinyl covered and where it comes around the top, in the back,
it is worn out, no, more like "bit off". just a few scratches by the
"vfo out" plug in the back. THAT'S IT.  Looked inside.......Wow. this
rig is like a '56 chevy, you can climb in and work on this thing. two
feet between components on the boards. and the boards are the size of
rhode island!! it reminds me of the old litton/ratheon xray machines i
use to work on. big, clunky and reliable. Even "smells" like one, too!
This is probably technological over kill for QRP work but what the hell,
to own the latest in early '80s technology is such a thrill!!!!!!
I'll take that power supply now, Rich. I will send the check on Monday!
Also ordered the Inrad 400hz filter today.....toys for the toys. What
the hell, ur only 50 once. Today is my birthday and this is my gift to
myself, from myself thankYouVeryMuch......
So far my plan to live forever are on track. one day at a time, breath
breath in........breathOut...........yup i can do this.........
73, mitch ww4ml
lost in the eithers again..

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