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[TenTec] Some questions......

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Subject: [TenTec] Some questions......
From: JimN0OCT@aol.com (JimN0OCT@aol.com)
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 11:03:10 EDT
I had the exact same question when I bought the 250 Hz filter for my Corsair. 
 As Clark WA3JPG said, "Put it in either way".  It works fine, and is not 


In a message dated 19-Aug-99 05:50:28 Central Daylight Time, 
mitch96@pobox.com writes:

>  Hi Gang,
>  Just got a Inrad filter (400hz)for my omni c. My question is, is the
>  filter polarized? is there a positive/negative?? Does it just drop in?
>  Is there anything to tune? or adjust?
>  And wile im at it, If i want to run QRP, can i just turn down the alc
>  set pot on the lo level driver board. would this reduce the drive to the
>  output?? 
>  thanks
>  -- 
>  73, mitch ww4ml
>  lost in the eithers again..

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