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Subject: [TenTec] Some questions......
From: aslusher@erols.com (Alan Slusher)
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 20:08:55 -0400
Hi Mitch:

Regarding the low power part of your post:

I am open to correction here from the group, and would be grateful for any

I have an OMNI-D (Series B), and have been operating it QRP by just turning
down the "Drive" control on the front panel, while keeping the "ALC" control
at max clockwise.  I have been using an OHR WM-2 wattmeter to keep track of
the output level (generally between 3 and 4 watts out).  I have used this
approach on 80, 40, 30, and 20 and have not had any complaints or adverse
comments on the CW signal quality from the other end of the QSOs (except for
the occasional QSB, QRM or QRN report, which I have put down to some
combination of low power, band conditions, and the number of hams operating
at the time).

I have adopted the same approach in using the Model 540 (Triton IV), with
the same results (except for 30m, which is unavailable on the stock 540).

The Ten-Tec manuals (page 2-10 for the OMNI-D, 2-8 for the Triton) for both
radios indicate that the radios may be operated QRP in this way, although
they suggest a different method for determining INPUT power (inserting a dc
ammeter in the +12v line, with every 1amp current increase over the no-drive
quiescent level in the LOCK mode representing an increased power input to
the finals of about 13 watts).  The numbers are the same for both rigs.

Using this approach has enabled me to crank back up the power quickly
(bypassing the WM-2, of course) to enable checking in to the daily SSB YL
System on 14.332 and the weekly SSB Ten-Tec Sunday evening net on 14.277.

Your approach to QRP suggests a higher level of commitment to low power
operation than I can currently lay claim to, but I continue to try...  The
only discrete rf linear amplifier in my possession is now the Ten-Tec 405.
At 50w out, that is less power than the max capability of either the OMNI or
the Triton.

Hope the comment is useful.

Alan W3/ V31FA
Rockville, MD


Hi Gang,
Just got a Inrad filter (400hz)for my omni c. My question is, is the
filter polarized? is there a positive/negative?? Does it just drop in?
Is there anything to tune? or adjust?
And wile im at it, If i want to run QRP, can i just turn down the alc
set pot on the lo level driver board. would this reduce the drive to the
73, mitch ww4ml
lost in the eithers again..

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