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[TenTec] Aligning Frequency Display O 6+

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Subject: [TenTec] Aligning Frequency Display O 6+
From: k7kj@teleport.com (Greg Hodsdon)
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 16:03:28 -0700
I had the same experience with my new Omni 6+. The display was off by
about 300hz, which is annoying for a new radio right from the factory
alignment bench.  This is what I did to dial it back in:  Using a
frequency counter of suitable accuracy, check the 10Mhz frequency
reference on the Logic board (page 4-20).  Then, go through the BFO
alignment proceedure as detailed on pages 4-23 and 4-24. I found the BFO
alignment slightly off, and after adjustment, the frequency is now
reading to within about 50hz or less. Follow the directions and repeat
the adjustments as they do interact. Good luck.
73 de Greg, K7KJ

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