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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Ten Tec Tritons
From: dslosty@pipeline.com (dslosty)
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 00:11:05 -0700
K & H Darwin wrote:
> What kind of CW filtering did the Triton IV come with?  Was it crystal
> filtering or was it audio?  Was it standard or an option?
> Actually, what were the options on the Triton IV.  NB? CW or SSB filter?
> Marker? Keyer? Band stacking register (just kidding on that last one :)
> Is the Triton IV capable of working any of the WARC bands? (I assume not).
> I'm interested in one of these rigs but I'm clueless about them.
> Keith
> KD1E
> Ferrisburg, VT

The audio CW filter for the Triton series was optional, with three
passbands, something like 500/250/150 Hz. It works quite well.
There were no optional SSB filters. The standard crystal lattice SSB
filter was
hard wired.  

The noise blanker was also optional and also quite good, even better
than those in
many "modern" rigs. I have found it to be effective not only in reducing
type noise but also with power line qrn.

I believe that the crystal calibrator was standard in the model 540 and
not offered
or needed in the digital 544. BTW, WWV reception on 10/15 MHZ can be
by turning the receive preselector totally out of resonance on the 15
and 10 mtr
bands with the vfo at 21.000 or 28.000 (if I remember correctly). This
is pointed
out in the owner's manual.

There were quite a few others option: microphones, 160 meter converter,
VFO, outboard VXO/fixed crystal oscillator, mobile mounting bracket, add
digital readout for the model 540, etc.

BTW, after the first year or two of production. Ten-Tec was forced to
drop the
Triton name. Either they were sued or a lawsuit was threatened by
Motorola had marketed a line of commercial/maritime rigs under the brand
of Motorola Triton.


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