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[TenTec] Dial slipping on Triton IV

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Subject: [TenTec] Dial slipping on Triton IV
From: N4NT@wireco.net (Michael O. Hyder)
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 99 14:42:28 PDT
Charles, your description leaves me wondering if the slippage is in the PTO or 
in the dial pointer.  If the dial pointer will just not go all the way to the 
left, then you need to replace the elastic 'bungee cord' section of the dial 
cord behind the front panel.  You can get Ten-Tec to send you some of the cord.

If the problem is that the knob does not change the frequency, then it sounds 
like you may need to open that baby up and clean and re-grease the PTO.  
Ten-Tec will supply you with instructions for removing the PTO and taking it 
apart and putting it back together.  They will also sell you a kit of the parts 
which are likely to be worn for $20 or so.  To remove the PTO, you will have to 
take off the front panel, so replace that bungee cord while you are at it.

Yes, the Triton had the most effective noise blanker option of any Ten-Tec rig! 
 It is switched on and off by pulling out one of the knobs - don't remember 
which one.  The Offset knob is pulled out to turn off the offset, as I recall.  
Another switches the AC power supply on and off.  Try the other knobs, one of 
them will switch the blanker on and off.

Regards, Mike N4NT@wireco.net

> I have a very nice  Triton IV with a problem. The tunning dial slips.
> Sometimes it works fine, but slips, especially toward the end of the
> band.
> Any ideas on how to fix it/
> Also, was there a Noise Blanker available for the 540 model? If so how
> is it turned on and off?
> Thanks,
> Charlie, k5MBX

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