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[TenTec] Dead List?

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Subject: [TenTec] Dead List?
From: w8au@sssnet.com (w8au@sssnet.com)
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 23:48:19 -0400
Yeah, Steve:

We're here......ZZZZZZZZZ    Uh..whazzat!....Oh, yeah.....  Nice to see
y'all are edge-you-catin those new techs..  Sorry they cain't keep all the
old ones, but U know they lak to ree-tar jus' lak everyone else.  U know,
some of those techs prob'ly warn't borned yet when the ommi series

Now...where was I?........ZZZZZZZZZZ


At 09:39 PM 8/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hey, where is everybody. I'm not copying any mail today.
>I called TenTec today and asked them to send the connectors so I could
>interface my Omni C to the Hercules II. Two of them said it wouldn't work
>because the switch on the Omni C was wired differently, have the contactor
>for the switch grounded. I quoted the Hercules II manual which showed the
>diagram for the interface plus even said "for Omni and Corsair 1. Note:
>Corsair 1 not Corsair 2. Still I couldn't convince them otherwise. So they
>agreed to send me the connectors anyway and I told them I would rewire the
>Omni C so it's swich produced 12v for the band change function. I came home,
>checked my Omni C manual and sure enought, the switch has a floating rotor
>and can be connected however you want. The manual was right and both techs
>were wrong. Well nobody's perfect. Now to actually check the rig with an
>ohmmeter and see if the manual is correct.
>So is anyone out there???? Hellooooooooooo
>Steve N4LQ
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