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[TenTec] Paragon II - fair price?

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Subject: [TenTec] Paragon II - fair price?
From: jdvoracek@vvm.com (John Dvoracek)
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 10:43:15 -0500
> mike.  He paid $2062 for it in 1996.  What would be a fair, realistic
price?  Any
> comments would be welcome.  If you are interested, you will enjoy
dealing with the

Hello Dan!  I am sure we all have a different opinion on what "fair
price" means, and I am further certain that buyers have a different
opinion than sellers.  After watching asked and sold (when possible)
prices, and then primarily purchasing but also selling some used gear,
here is what I think.

For average condition, current production used gear, start at 66.7% of
the new price.  Remember, that average condition should still be pretty
good since the gear can't be too old if it is still in production.  Add
a bit (two to three per-cent) if the condition is perfect.  Add a bit if
the seller is the original owner.  Add a bit if the seller still has the
original boxes (says something positive about his concern for his gear).
Add a bit if you really, really want the gear.  Finally, add a bit if
the gear is very new, say less than one year old.  As proof of this
concept, few would disagree that the established price for used $90 TT
filters is $60 pretty much across the board.

For gear which is neither current production nor collectable nor
ancient, start at 60% of the new price.  Do the same additions, but also
start some deductions if the condition now reflects blemishes and
scratches, the seller is not the original owner, the seller does not
have the original boxes, etc.  Add some serious deductions if the gear
is seriously old.  The variation in price for out-of-production gear
seems substantial, however.

In your friend's case, after starting at 60% you add (2-3 per-cent each
time) for the rig being in perfect condition and for he being the
original owner.  You didn't mention if he has the original boxes.  While
the Paragon is no longer produced, it is still a recognized and
desirable rig (at least with TTechies), so you add for that, and you
probably add just because your friend seems like the kind of guy from
whom you would like to buy used gear.  Hence, my opinion is 70 to 72.5%
of original new is a "fair" price.

The actual current value of the rig now, however, will be for whatever
amount you are able to sell it now, and that will vary from day to day.
Good luck!

73, de ke5c, op john

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