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[TenTec] Paragon II - fair price?

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Subject: [TenTec] Paragon II - fair price?
From: jdvoracek@vvm.com (John Dvoracek)
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 19:18:33 -0500
Hi Jim!

> would have ordered one:  both CW filters in both IFs (the 400 Hz
> were INRADs, to make it even better) and with the matching model 962

I bought mine used without filters and added both 400 Hz INRAD's new,
but I think they were worth it.  250's are too narrow and 500's are two
wide.  The INRAD's have slightly steeper skirts, and are perfect.  I
broke even - two new INRAD's cost the about the same as four used TT's.

> You're the first person to provide some rationale for advertising
> the original carton(s) as an additional selling point, and I
> that.
> As to that showing concern for the equipment, I don't quite make the
> connection.  The only reason I have for keeping the original shipping
> cartons (not the original boxes, in this case) is to have the molded
> packing materials, in the rare case that I might have to return
anything to
> T-T for service.  Where do you guys have room to store all of those

I just think an op who is concerned about how to ship his rig in the
future is going to be concerned about its care in the present as well.

> Wow...to realize that ham gear depreciates by 1/3 in the first
> wouldn't have believed that.  As long as there's no physical abuse,
> most of the decrease in value for any given piece of equipment usually
> comes from cosmetic defects, which is to say, scratches and paint
> on the case and front panel.  There are few moving parts, thus few
> to wear out.  Perhaps someone else has an idea on this.  And yes, I
> know how cheap we hams are, as a group.  :-)

One big factor is the warranty doesn't transfer.  Buyers worry there is
a problem with the rig or you wouldn't be selling it, etc.

73, de ke5c, op john

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