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[TenTec] Scout PTO replacement...

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Subject: [TenTec] Scout PTO replacement...
From: Bill_Ames@hyperion.com (Bill_Ames@hyperion.com)
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 08:50:19 -0400

Has anyone experimented with temporarily replacing the signal generated by the
Scout PTO with one from an external signal generator of some quality? It seems
to me that this might be an interesting experiment. I am sure that the impure
signal might have elements that could fall outside the requirements for a ham
transmitter and might add noise that would be very noticeable in the receive
side. However one would think that a high quality lab type signal generator
would not cause these problems. And then somewhere in the middle might be a
small, inexpensive signal source that would work. Perhaps even one that might be
just computer controlled. I see a box sitting next to the scout connected to my
computer via a serial port to the scout via a BNC connector....

Bill  Ames

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