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[TenTec] FS: Model 540 (Triton IV)

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Subject: [TenTec] FS: Model 540 (Triton IV)
From: key53@zdnetmail.com (R. Goff)
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 11:17:23 -0700
For Sale:
   Model 540  (late model Triton IV) -  $ 275.00
     -  optional CW filter (audio)
     -  optional noise blanker
     -  optional 10 meter crystals
     -  original microphone (different cord)
     -  originial owner's manual
     -  new elastic cord on dial string
         pointer properly aligned and operates smoothly
     -  full power output
     -  crystal calibrator built in
     -  bandswitch not glitchy

It goes without saying that the 540 is an excellent CW rig with a very quiet 
receiver.  I am the original owner and would rate its appearance at 8.5 - 9.  
Also, there is no VFO warble.  The PTO has been replaced a couple of times.

Also For Sale:

 Model 244 Digital Readout   -  $ 75.00
   ( This matches the 540 xcvr and I prefer to hang      on to it until the 540 
goes )

 Model 252M Power Supply    -  $ 75.00
   18 amp PS with current meter on front panel   

Both of these items function properly and look good.

Shipping is extra or maybe we can arrange a meeting.  I'll be going to the VA 
Beach hamfest in a couple of weeks.


Randy Goff
CW Forever!
304-863-7652 til 4 pm EST M-F
304-863-8248 otherwise

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