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[TenTec] TT inflation

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Subject: [TenTec] TT inflation
From: mitch96@pobox.com (The One and Only!)
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 18:15:51 -0400

Steve Ellington wrote:
 Wow. Maybe there's a market for rigs with single conversion receivers that put 
out 100 watts, are easy to
> operate and can be serviced by the average ham.

        Praise Be!! Im Glad i've "C'n" the light!! I love my Omni546C. Worked 
G3vmt on sunday, thru a load 
of trash. tightened up all the filters, notched down the hatches, attenuated 
the f'csl, and worked him with 
4.5 watts to a gap vertical. Even got a 4/2/9 from chelmsford, uk. Of course 
got trounced by a station who 
sat on the freq and called cq FOR EVER so we could not finish the qso. Now THAT 
was fun!!
72.5, mitch ww4ml
lost in the eithers again..

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